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Cigar brands available for Dallas events

Each Dallas cigar roller event as well as all of our other cities where cigar rollers are performing throughout the U.S., roll CF Dominicana Cigars. Imported from the Dominican Republic then brought to your event.

These are the same cigars sold in stores.

CF Dominicana is the exclusive cigar brand used for all of our Dallas wedding, Golf and Corporate events. The tobacco and the finished cigars are the same cigars sold in stores so there is no sacrifice to quality.

The most popular cigar for Dallas events is the SoHo robusto as it smokes for about 35 minutes, is mild to medium bodied and works best for most events. The Tribeca is the same in a Churchill size which aficionados and those new to the cigar experience will be entertained with your roller but will be impressed at the same time while they are introduced to a real, premium cigar for the first time.


Custom Cigar Labels or Cigar bands are designed for each Dallas Cigar Roller event where we are performing, with enough lead time prior to your event date, (usually 30 days) we design cigar bands free of charge.




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Dallas roller events use imported CF Dominicana Cigars