NEW! Custom designed cigar labels are attached free of charge 

*custom orders are subject to available lead time

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You have a unique event with your own guest list so we allow you to create your own quote

After you send in the contact from below, we check availability for the date and venue then provide you with a quote where you can change the quantity and time. This way of quoting helps those that like to reserve in advance when the exact amount of guests is still not known, like Brides-to-Be.

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Each event requires a different amount of time, cigars and certain nuances in planning and we are expert planners as well as cigar knowledgeable. This combination is unique so no mistakes will be made when the cigar roller feature is presented to your guests.

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We will send your quote in real time while you speak with your cigar planner to ensure that the right time to bring the cigars out to your guest, the right cigar model and quantity fits your specific guest list. We do not have template prices so all of our clients get the perfect fit of cigar features that will make the entire presentation successful.

Cigar roller phone for Dallas and Texas events

CIGARS CAN BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY - Cigars can be purchased and range anywhere from $7 to $9. Of course different sizes and types are available, so contact us for individual pricing. Now all cigars can have custom art on the cigar labels, free of charge. We also provide other brands on request like; Montecristo, Macanudo, Rocky Patel and more. Visit our "about page" for the best cigar selections for your event and contact us to speak with a cigar planner to match the right cigar to your evening.


Once you submit the details of your event, we will create a package that you can revise, all of our quotes are set up to be revised by you to fit your vision for the Big Night perfectly.

The cigar rollers in Dallas and the rest of Texas are contracted exclusively for CF Dominicana. CF's cigar features are planned to give your guests a memorable experience at the event.