Cigar Rollers DallasCigar servers are typically female, however male rollers have been requested in Dallas on occasion. Cigar Servers are always modesty dressed in black gowns and will be knowledgeable about the cigars they are serving at your event. Although Dallas is popular for requesting female cigar servers, male hosts are also requested. The men don’t serve cigars as the ladies are usually requested, but the male rather have an inventory of cigars typically laid out on the table, and will cut, light and describe the menu on hand for the event. Dallas is a big town for cigar smokers, and the cigar servers work well for cigar rolling events that are in large areas; typically a large area requires guests to walk a cigar, but a cigar server takes that need away as a server brings the cigar to your guests. All of the cigars can be customized with specially designed cigar bands and a variety of cigars can be presented. An image of your cigar server will be provided ahead of the event, which will all be professionally planned and coordinated by our event planners. The cigar server for your next cooperate event may be the right choice to have and is also more economical than a cigar roller, so contact us and we will give you all options for cigar servers, cigar rollers, and cigars for Dallas events.

Cigar servers are recommended for events with more than 400 people. The reason for that is that your cigar roller will roam the room, hand out cigars, and then have enough cigars to roam the room again, thus creating the visual that you re looking for roughly 2 hours. Having a cigar service runs a pleasant esthetic to your pat, and can be more convenient for guests as guests do not have to approach a cigar rollers table.