box-churchill-cigarsAll Cigars presented at Dallas events, whether they are rolled by your Cigar Roller, or handed out by your Cigar Server, are all hand rolled in the Dominican Republic and imported into the United States. Our “Grade A” cigars have a Dominican filler to create a mild to medium bodied flavor, wrapped in into a Connecticut shade leaf. This combination is the most popular flavor amongst aficionados.

Some cigars presented at events will be rolled by your Cigar Roller, and some will be brought with your roller for the guest to smoke right away, as the cigars are wet when just rolled and will not burn properly if they are smoked to soon. Dallas Brides-2-Be’s often ask for cigars with a Cigar Roller because we customize the cigar bands free of charge for weddings and birthdays. This fun feature is great for anyone who has a special day and would like to make an expression to top the special event. Dallas is also known for a strong golf following. Many of these Dallas clients prefer our Churchill model, which is called the Tribeca, as it is 7 inches long with a 50-ring gauge, and will smoke for 45 minutes to an hour. Churchill cigars are perfect for the golf course where time is not a factor. Cigars for Dallas weddings however should be at a Robusto size because they will burn for only 35 minutes; brides often don’t like it when people smoke too long at reception. Contact us if you would like a custom order complete with your initials and all other initialization. We will create a cigar package that you enjoy and have them delivered to your Dallas address within 7-10 days.

The Maduro leafs for our bold cigars are form Ecuador and have that deep black color that bold cigars smokers have come to demand. These full-bodied samples are available in Churchill, Robusto, and Bravo cigars. Once a cigar smoker’s palate becomes more demanding, the flavor of a very bold cigar matches perfectly. You can contact us with any general questions through the contact form.