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Cigar Rollers at events in The Colony, Ft. Worth, Dallas, are frequently requested and performed throughout the year. With the holiday season, many Dallas Cooperate clients have parties, and with those parties come the upscale feature of a Cigar Roller.…



All Cigars presented at Dallas events, whether they are rolled by your Cigar Roller, or handed out by your Cigar Server, are all hand rolled in the Dominican Republic and imported into the United States. Our “Grade A” cigars have…

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Cigar Servers

Cigar servers are typically female, however male rollers have been requested in Dallas on occasion. Cigar Servers are always modesty dressed in black gowns and will be knowledgeable about the cigars they are serving at your event. Although Dallas is…

Dallas Cigar Events

Cigar Rollers and the art of Cigar Rolling have been standard for upscale events in Dallas. The cooperate client in Dallas is typically made up of aficionados that love their wine, their steak, their golf, and their Cigars. Rosario is our Dallas Cigar Roller and has been performing Cigar Rolling at events for the company now more than five years. He is one of the best additions to our Cigar Rolling talent. He interacts well with guests, speaks English fluently, and looks great, and now has a strong client base as the follows. The cigars presented at Dallas events are the same Cigars sold in stores, and the Cigar Rollers are provided with the same product to recreate the retail Cigars perfectly. The Intercontinental Hotel is just one of the upscale venues where Cigar Rolling is popular. Typically 5-Star Hotels throughout the country are frankly in order to cater to their upscale clientele.

Cigar Rolling is now popular for Dallas weddings. Brides have gravitated to the feature as a gift for the Cigar Lovers in their life. The groomsmen and the guests who are Cigar lovers enjoy the cigar-rolling feature but mostly, especially if it is presented as a surprise to the reception. Complete with the custom cigar brands for the groom and bride for free, we even have the VIP Stash, which are longer cigars than their mainstream guest list and have each groomsmen’s initials attached to each cigar. The VIP stash is just for those special guests like the groomsmen and the dads and they will be delivered prior to the event so they can smoke their own private cigar throughout the day. Contact us through the contact form and give us the details for your next Dallas event and we will provide the quote for the cigar rollers and other features either today or the next business morning.