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Cigar Rollers for Dallas Weddings, Golf and corporate events also include The Colony, Ft. Worth, Dallas, are frequently requested and performed throughout the year. With the holiday season, many Dallas Corporate clients and personal events like Weddings are scheduled and with those parties come the upscale feature of a Cigar Rollers Convention Center .



Any upscale event will be elevated to an upscale level of class once your cigar roller starts rolling.. Dallas weddings become more popular when the wedding season n starts, which runs from April to October in McKinney, Dallas , and surrounding areas


Fill in the contact form to get a quote, for fast questions call (214)716-7306 Dallas golf outings of course share the same time period, and Dallas corporate trade shows are often booked early on in the year at the Dallas


Cigar rollers that roll at events are booked through our events department. Once you submit the details of your event, we construct a cigar-rolling package that will fit your vision perfectly. The cigar rollers for the company are chosen and contracted and must meet certain criteria in order to bring you the best presentation and interaction at the event.


Rosario, Guillermo and Tatiana are the Dallas rollers for Dallas weddings, golf outings and corporate events and trade shows.


The authenticity of our cigar rollers is quite important; we maintain that authenticity in the actual rolling of our cigars which is true to the old craft rolling of traditional Cuban Cigars.


Contact us for your next Dallas event and we will generate a quote for you or call with any general questions you have.    Enjoy.

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Sept 11, 2020 New feature for Dallas Cigar Roller events booked now through Dec 2021, Custom Cigar Banks designed and presented on each cigar for Dallas weddings and golf events.