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Cigar brands available for Dallas events

Each event in Dallas must be quoted separately as every affair has a different amount of guests and thus means a different amount of cigars.

Also the type of event will tell us how to suggest the best cigar to fit the occasion.



Some cigars like our Robusto “SoHo” model are recommend for Dallas weddings or events where there is a firm end time, and Churchill cigars are recommended for more flexible parties where time is not a big issue.


Features such as cigar rollers, cigar servers, custom cigar bands, and just cigars alone, can all be purchased in a package or separately. We will be able to send you a quote based on the info you send in the contact form below.

Dallas is also home for many past clients who enjoy our Cigars. Cigars can be purchased and range anywhere from $25 for a 4-pack to $125 for box of 20. Of course different sizes and types are available, so contact us for individual pricing..


CF DOMINICANA CIGARS for Dallas Cigar Roller events are the same cigars sold in stores.- Our demonstration throughout Dallas and surrounding areas like McKinney, Plano, DFW, etc. typically request the "Soho" Cigars which are created while your guests look on.


Dallas cigar rolling events are priced individually, based on your date, location, type of event, and guest count.

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